"A small-town lawyer who will later become legendary unravels a complex murder plot to save the reputation and life of an old friend…. Putnam's third period mystery is gracefully written, nicely balancing sleuthing with courtroom drama.” -- Kirkus Reviews

Twenty-nine-year-old Abraham Lincoln has spent his entire adult life running from his past—from the poverty of the dirt-floor log cabin where he was raised, from the dominion of his uneducated father, and from a failed early courtship. But now, Lincoln’s past is racing back to haunt him.  READ MORE

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Jonathan Putman

About Jonathan F. Putnam

Jonathan Putnam is a writer and attorney.  A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, he is a nationally renowned trial lawyer and recognized Lincoln scholar.  His Lincoln and Speed Mystery Series includes Final Resting PlacePerish from the Earth (2017) and These Honored Dead (2016).  READ MORE