The new arrival of a woman named Mary Todd wedges a rift between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, but they must resolve their differences if they stand any chance of cracking one of the most harrowing murder cases they have ever faced.  A House Divided retells the story of the greatest unsolved murder mystery from Abraham Lincoln's real-life law practice.  READ MORE

BookReporter says: "A House Divided is a highly enjoyable novel that once again allows readers to peek into the years of the great Abraham Lincoln long before he became President.  This is historical fiction at its finest."  

Kirkus Review says: "The author's fourth franchise entry keeps a nice balance between history and mystery. Putnam's satisfyingly plausible portrait of the young Lincoln deepens with every installment." 

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Jonathan Putman

About Jonathan F. Putnam

Jonathan Putnam is a writer and attorney. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, he is a nationally renowned trial lawyer and recognized Lincoln scholar. His Lincoln and Speed Mystery Series includes A House Divided (2019), Final Resting Place (2018), Perish from the Earth (2017) and These Honored Dead (2016).  READ MORE